Viral Video: Man Heckled, Beaten By A Mob In Ayodhya For Kissing His Wife

man attacked for kissing his wife
A man was attacked for kissing his wife while they were bathing in a river in Ayodhya. The viral video showed the man being surrounded and beaten by men after he kissed his wife and was dragged out of the river.

The men surrounding him yelled at the couple to leave and asked “Sharam nahi aati? (Do you not feel ashamed?)” After the man stood up, the men surrounding him immediately started slapping him and attacking him. The group surrounded the couple and thrashed the husband as the wife tried to intervene. They kicked the couple out of the river.

The public display of affection lead to a physical beat down and expulsion from the area as the man was surrounded and attacked by a group of strangers and then taken away from the premises.

A journalist named Shubhankar Mishra posted the viral video on Twitter on June 22. His captain said, “young man kissed his wife while bathing in the Saryu river of Ayodhya.” In a later tweet, Misha added that “According to the local correspondent and the outpost in charge of Ayodhya’s Naya Ghat, this incident is of June 15. This incident took place at the new ghat Ram Ki Paidi. The administration was unaware of the incident as there was no oral or written complaint regarding the matter.”

Man Attacked For Kissing His Wife: Netizens React To Viral Video

The video since then has gone viral on social media. While some netizens applauded the actions of the group of men and said that public displays of affection should not take place, especially in holy sites. Users described it as a place of dignity and said that people visiting should maintain that dignity.

A user said, “Very Good, they did well,” while referring to the group of men that attacked the man. Several others implied that the couple was not just kissing and showed their support for the group of men that had removed the couple from the river.

Some took the sarcasm route to call out the men who heckled and harassed the couple. A user commented, “How dare a man actually love and respect his wife.” Another user spoke about how the act of kissing was met with violence, but the attackers were also hurling abuses at the man.

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