Man Asks Woman To Not Roam At Night After She Recounts Experience With Harassment

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A woman took to social media to talk about how she was racially harassed at a cafe in South Delhi and was stalked in a public park by a man who tried to force himself on her.

The writer and PhD student at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ngurang Reena narrated her experience in Delhi and said she was racially harassed by bigots and was stalked by a man who tried to force himself on her.

Reena asked in her tweet, “Should I (women) stop going to public places and lock myself (ourselves) up?” In another tweet, she wrote, “From my knowledge, almost all women endure such harassment on a daily basis, but I’m convinced that it’s our distinctive social-political make-up that exposes our vulnerabilities.”

Netizens showed their support for Reena and expressed their solidarity with her. One user commented on the issues women, especially women from the Northeastern parts of India face. Another user wrote, “It’s disheartening and pathetic to hear such horrible experiences of women in India. Especially when it is concerned with racial identity.”

Man Asks Woman Not To Roam At Night, Gets Slammed By Netizens

Amidst the support and kind words, a man said that Reena should “avoid roaming in roads and unknown places during late nights”. He added, “We wish your safety and happy stay in India”.

Netizens were quick to call him out and criticise his statement. One user wrote, “Uncle, she definitely didn’t need this advice.” He replied, “Why to make it an issue? Just a parental advice. Hope her parents have given her the same advice.” Another user joined the discussion and asked the man if he would same the same advice to his son.

People also informed him that Ngurang Reena was from Arunachal Pradesh and not a visitor.

The netizens focused on two aspects of the tweet, the fact that the man assumed she was a tourist and the fact that women should have the right to travel safely. People asked him to not advise women to restrict their freedom and instead give the same advice to the men responsible for such incidents of harassment.

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