Mamata Banerjee voted to power again; quick facts about ‘didi’

India's Female Chief Ministers Mamata Banerjee

Fighting back Mamata Banerjee has managed to secure a second term in the Chief Minster’s office in West Bengal. With almost 211 constituencies in her favour, Banerjee-led TMC is now in majority, even as the Congress-Left comes in next with victory in 69 constituencies and BJP managing 7 constituencies.

The Trinamool chief, who won 184 seats in 2011, has significantly improved her tallyin the 294-member assembly. Mamata expanded her support base with several welfare schemes for the youth and the students. Kanyashree scheme, which offers monthly scholarship of Rs 750 to girl students from financially weak families and the ‘Sabuj Sathi’scheme under which cycles are distributed to students, added to her popularity.

With didi coming back to power for the second time in a row, here are a few unusual facts about her that we dug up:

    The founder of All India Trinamool Congress, Banerjee is famous for wearing a special kind of white special saree with a thin threaded border, called ‘Dhaniakali’. The saree came into vogue when she first came into power, and she has kept it in fashion since then. She also only wears white flip flops with blur or white straps. Always dressed in simple and sober attire, she is never seen wearing fancy sarees or foot wear.
    Didi is also famous for being a gifted painter. She has created numerous artworks and auctioned them also for charity purposes. Many organisations showcase the artwork that she has created especially for them. And no surprises there, being a woman, most of her artwork is women-centric.
India's Female Chief Ministers

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    Banerjee loves walking. Even during her rallies she prefers to walk. In fact, many politicians swear by her walking speed, claiming that it is difficult for anyone to keep pace with her while walking.
    She joined politics in 1970 when she was in her teens. She became a part of the Congress party and it did not take her much time to become the General Secretary of the State Mahila Congress.
    She became the first female Chief Minister of West Bengal in 2011 ending a 34 year-long rule of the Left party in the state. Many believe that her ascent to power was a result of her very efficient oratory skills.
Mamata Banerjee, CM, West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee assured all that she would respond to all messages in due course of time