Malvika Chauhan Johal from Shimla is Mrs India Earth – Photogenic at the Mrs India Earth 2017 beauty pageant. It was held in New Delhi last week.

A software engineer by profession, she didn’t aspire to be in the glamour world initially.

“What does women’s liberation mean to you” was the final question she was asked. Brimming with confidence, she replied,“When (a) woman has determination in her eyes, strength in her soul, and the will to survive resides in her soul, she is liberated. She is confident, optimistic and treats everyone equal. Most important(ly), she wears her scars as her medals. This is what liberation means to me.”

She had previously made it to the top five slot in the Gladrags Megamodel hunt.

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Future plans

Malvika is delighted to be in this new phase of life. She expressed her gratitude towards her family and friends who encouraged her at every step by pushing her to explore more and more.

“The journey has just begun and I am always open to new challenges and opportunities,” she tells

Educational background and work experience

Malvika works as a technology consultant with Deloitte USI. She had received her early education from Loreto Convent Tara Hall (Shimla), following which she got a software engineering degree from Jaypee University.

“I want all women in our country to not just have fire in them but instead be the fire. Be proud of yourself the way your are,” – Malvika Chauhan Johal

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The beauty queen idolises Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra as her celebrity role-models. She considers them as “women of substance” and wants to imbibe the same qualities in her.

“It’s sheer hard work, passion and determination that is pushing me to explore a new world. I try to maintain a balance between by professional life and personal matters. Women have always been known for multi-tasking. I got this legacy from my family. Like any other girl, I am chasing a dream to make a difference as an empowered woman,” she says.

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Malvika wants to encourage more and more women to follow the dictates of their heart and achieve everything they can.

“I felt special and want to reach out to every single woman and tell her that she can achieve the same. She needs to believe in the beauty of her dreams and work towards it. I want all women in our country to not just have fire in them but instead be the fire. Be proud of yourself the way your are.”

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Picture Credit:  Indian Express

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