You Fought Too Hard My Mama: Mallika Dua Mourns Mother Chinna Dua

I don't know if I will ever be able to pray again: Mallika Dua on demise of her mother Dr Padmavati Dua.

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Mallika Dua mother passes away due to COVID-19 complications: Comedian Mallika Dua took to social media on June 12 to mourn her mother Dr Padmavati Dua, fondly known as Chinna Dua, who passed away on Friday night after a long battle with COVID-19. Chinna Dua is survived by her husband, eminent journalist Vinod Dua and two daughters Mallika and Bakul.

"She left us last night. My whole heart. My whole life. The only god I know. My Amma I'm sorry I couldn't save you. You fought so hard my mama. My precious. My heart. You're my whole life," read Mallika Dua's Instagram story.

In a separate story Mallika Dua further wrote, "It's not about my loss and grief. It's about a life cut short. I always knew I didn't deserve her. But she deserved to live. I don't know if I will ever be able to pray again."

She added that its pains too much but her friends have told her that it gets better.

A radiologist by profession and a social media saree influencer by passion, Chinna Dua had contracted COVID-19 in the month of May along with her husband and daughter. Later, she shared that she and her husband had both been admitted to hospital owing to COVD related complications. "Hi all, day before on May 13, I started having difficulty breathing. My doc by listening to my voice said that I was going into cytokine storm and need monitoring. We were admitted to St Stephens’ Hospital on May 13 but my condition progressed, requiring ICU but bed wasn’t available there. Last night we got admitted to Medanta. Vinod is in the room on 5 litre intermittent oxygen. I am on 15 litre and breathless. It will take some time to recover. Need all good wishes, blessings and prayers of all," she wrote in her post.

However, as her condition further deteriorated, on May 26 she was put on ventilator. "Chinna on ventilator, sedated and very precarious. I am on oxygen in isolation," her husband wrote in a Facebook post. On May 31, Mallika Dua revealed that her mother was on part ECMO and part ventilator.

Then on June 11, Chinna Dua's close friend and actor Bina Kak shared the news of her passing. "Gone too soon ,our darling friend Chinna Dua ..Succumbed to Covid! A brilliant, competent Doctor, great singer, social worker, compassionate friend who brought cheer to people’s faces.. Lightened-up their faces with her vit and charm.. You will be missed. Love ..RIP after suffering so much @mallikadua @chinnadua. (sic)," read her post. Condolences started pouring on social media as soon as the news about her passing broke. Read tributes to Chinna Dua here.

61-year-old Chinna Dua had worked as a radiologist at Diwan Chand Aggarwal Imaging Center for 24 years, till it shut down in 2016. Three years later, Dua went on a sabbatical and embraced social media at the age of 56. She was known for her content on sarees, cookery and health. "Learning to take selfies on Instagram, editing my videos in lockdown learnt myself – I feel very proud of myself. It keeps me going. It’s important to keep re-inventing yourself," Dua told SheThePeople.TV in an interview. Read more here.


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