Malayalam Actor Asked to Surrender In Dowry Case By Kerala High Court

Adithyan Jayan dowry case
Adithyan Jayan dowry case: The Malayalam television actor was asked to surrender in a dowry harassment case by the Kerala High Court following an anticipatory bail plea moved by Jayan.

Earlier, Jayan’s estranged wife lodged a case against him for dowry harassment, criminal intimidation and use of obscene words in a public place. Fearing an arrest for the same, Jayan moved to court for anticipatory bail.

The Kerala HC ordered the 39-year-old actor television actor to surrender to the police in connection with the case lodged by his wife. The order stated that after recording the arrest and his interrogation, he shall be released on bail.

The conditions laid down by the court included that he would appear before the investigating officer as and when required, he shall cooperate with the investigation and trial in the case.

Additional conditions such as he shall not directly or indirectly threaten or induce any witness in the case, will not tamper with the evidence and he shall not visit the residence of his estranged wife, were also added.

Moreover, the estranged couple is also directed to not give out any statement about their marital statement nor pass any derogatory remarks which would affect each other’s reputation. Jayan is further abstained from causing any disturbance to Ambili Devi, his wife who is also an actor and runs a dance school.

Why Is Adithyan Jayan Anticipating An Arrest?

Ambili Devi alleged that Jayan had misappropriated her gold ornaments and the Rs 10,00,000 lakh in her account and also subjected her to severe mental and physical harassment.

The court said on the Adithyan Jayan dowry case, after hearing both sides, based on the initial evidence, “it appears that he had raised death threats to intimidate her. It was not only towards her but also towards her parents.”

The court stated that the offence has to be evaluated in the backdrop of the allegation that Devi was harassed by him for dowry after misappropriating her money.

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