Malala asked the internet for advice on what to take for university. And her followers helped her out. “Any tips? Advice? Dos and don’ts? The tweets came fast and quick and were actually quite useful. “Carry your favourite books and podcasts,” said one and another suggested double sided adhesive tape and flip flops.

Malala who was shot in the head by terrorists in 2012, is the world’s youngest nobel laureate. She has lived in the United Kingdom ever since, juggling school with her humanitarian work. At 20, she has been a global icon for girl education.

Malala was recently accepted to study at Oxford University. She tweeted about it. “So excited to go to Oxford!! Well done to all A-level students – the hardest year. Best wishes for life ahead!” along with a screen shot of her acceptance into the prestigious university.

Malala recently called business leaders to invest in refugee kids’ education.


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