Make Your Social Media Posts Clickable: 10 Things to Keep In Mind

Vidhya Bharathi
Nov 25, 2016 07:15 IST
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For most of us, the days starts with checking posts on Facebook, pictures on Instagram and trending news on twitter. Though they say, change is the only constant, social media is becoming the other constant in most of our lives.


With the world moving closer with every post and every share on social media, there is all the more need to create a niche to stand out and to be recognised. And one can create a niche only when one understands that content is king!

Do you want to know how to leverage the power of social media? Follow these few simple tips:

Add relevant photos


Relevant photographs are that one thing which  will often differentiate your posts from the others. Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, images definitely play an important role in making your posts clickable. Research shows that only 10% of information is retained after three days whereas, one can retain up to 65%  of the information if it is paired along with relevant images.

Leveraging the power of videos

Stats show a very steep increase in the number of professionals using videos to send across messages. According to a research, an average user spends more than 16 minutes watching video ads every month and most of them remember what they saw even after a month of watching the video. Another research claims that a study of SEO video results shows that consumers look for video listings rather more than anything and this ultimately converts to clicks


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Understand target audience

It is essential for any social media enthusiast to understand who their target audience really are. Be it a social media user or a professional trying to sell a product or service, target audience plays an important role. One needs to understand the collective personality of the target audience and create content accordingly.


social media hacks Increase clickability of your social media posts

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Catchy headlines and descriptions

With a pile of 'news feed' one gets today, it is important to stand out and say ' I am different'. One can achieve this by writing a strong and compelling headline and a small and crisp description. This along with images, videos, and infographics will make you stand out of the clutter.


Sahil Shah, a professional wedding photographer, when asked about the importance of descriptions, said, "I feel it is very important! The description can be anything - personal, depicting your personality, could be informative or could be directly related to the pictures. But to create a connect with your audience, you have to have a description".

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Getting the technicals right


It is absolutely important to get the technicals right. To start with, understanding and applying the basics of  meta-description to your post is essential. This leads to more visibility on search engines like Google or a Yahoo.

Social Media And Women Social Media And Women

Don't throw content


As part of understanding the customer, one should also keep in mind the importance of not cluttering timelines or walls. Out of sight, out of mind is not always true and so, one can stick to a certain number of posts in a day, this would  also make your followers wait up for updates from you.

Entertain, don't sell

If you are marketing any product or service, it has to be subtle when it is on social media. A person not interested in your product would not click the post if it is sold to them directly. But if instead, you awake emotions or interest the person with your content, he might even want to buy  your product.

Be an opportunist

Talk about trending topics to leverage presence of a lot of people interacting at the same time. Make your posts such that people not only read them but also share it with their friends as well.


Sharing brings us to the next tip to increase clickability. You are as big as your network and to grow your network, it is absolutely necessary for you to link your posts across all platforms. An Instagram post can be shared on your timeline wall and the link to your poem on Facebook  can be tweeted on Twitter.


Interact with your readers/viewers. Ignoring a comment or a tweet which calls for you to respond will only reduce users visiting your profile.

Pooja Pilankar, a social media manager and an Instagram lover said, "by engaging with other pages, by engaging with people who comment on posts and replying to messages every day, encourages the audience to feel a personal connect with you and this translates into loyal followers".

Hope these tips help you increase your popularity on your favourite social media platform




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