Army to Entrepreneurship: ‘I Want To Make Twigs India A Super Affordable Jewellery Brand’

Arpita Sharma - Founder of Twigs India
SheThePeople.TV is proud to present Army to Entrepreneurship, a new series in which we cover stories of inspiring women from army background who have successfully kicked off their entrepreneurial journeys. The first profile in the series is that of Arpita Sharma, founder of Twigs India.

“Belonging to an army background is the basis of being a balanced individual. The training of Air Force has helped me what I am today, from my day to day interaction with my shoppers to managing my importers, it’s the training which has made Twigs an affordable and exclusive jewellery stop,” says Arpita.

Arpita, who has also worked banking sector for four years, believes that the interpersonal skills imparted to them during the training helps women from defence background have an edge over others.

Her entrepreneurship odyssey

This IIM-Ahmedabad alumna kicked off her entrepreneurship journey in 2009. “The idea was to give a my passion for stones and jewellery a professional brand,” she shares. She met the manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and visited many exhibitions to comprehend the economics of the jewellery business.

“I wanted to build a brand which gives super affordable jewellery, unique and exclusive designs and access to our combat ladies who are posted at remote locations,” the entrepreneur explains.

“Sometimes you may feel life or work is getting compromised. Sit back and relax, and reprioritize, rearrange and be guilt free.”

Twigs India offers customized jewellery and logo jewellery in brass, silver, gold plated, semi precious stones and precious stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Jewellery by Twigs India

Hurdles on the way

Giving an insight into the challenges she faced, Sharma says that the thought of starting up was intimidating as the first thought which came to her mind was that no one in her family had ever done any kind of business.

Besides building trust among new shoppers, finding cost effective raw material and importers and creating new and exclusive designs were some other stumbling blocks she grappled with.

It is the journey that’s more important

However, Arpita highlights that it is the journey, not the ultimate destination that gives her a feeling of contentment.

“For me, there is no ultimate destination for Twigs India, only the journey which is full of smiling faces of ladies who get appreciated for their jewellery. The journey is full of those moments when a piece is uploaded and it stands sold the very next minute. It’s full of the sense of satisfaction and peace which I get by working online and being with my children and husband,” she avers.

“For all women, innovation starts from the kitchen and it can soar up to the skies.”

What lies ahead?

Arpita is working towards making Twigs India one of the most trusted brands in jewellery in all categories with exclusive designs in a super affordable range. She also plans to harness technology to augment the volume sale and increase the venture’s online visibility.

Advice for budding women entrepreneurs

Arpita says that one should never quit. “Give your business time and make it a journey, don’t decide a destination for your venture.”

On Work-life balance

She is against the idea of burning out at work. Striking the right balance, she says, is pivotal to your and your family’s happiness. “Enjoyment is possible if your parameters are balanced. Sometimes you may feel life or work is getting compromised. Remember to sit back and relax, and reprioritize, rearrange and be guilt free.”