Mahua Moitra’s Refers To WB Governor As ‘Uncleji’ ; A List Of Her Other Twitter Spats

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Mahua Moitra Uncleji Tweet: Love her or hate her but you won’t be able to ignore her. Mahua Moitra, a member of the Lok Sabha from Krishnanagar constituency since 2019, is known for not mincing her words.  On Sunday, June 7, TMC MP Mahua Moitra addressed the WB Governor Jagdeep Dhankar as ‘uncleji’ on Twitter. She also alleged that his family members and other acquaintances have been appointed as officers on Special duty (OSDs) in Raj Bhavan. However, it’s not the first time that she has been in the news for her savage tweets.

Mahua Moitra Uncleji Tweet: Here are 5 Mahua Moitra Twitter feuds:

1. Mahua Moitra calls Jagdeep Dhankar ‘Uncleji’

Taking to her Twitter handle on Sunday, June 7, TMC MP Mahua Moitra referred to the West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar as ‘uncleji’ and shared a list of names of the people who have been appointed as Officers on Special Duty in Raj Bhavan. She alleged, “And Uncleji-while you are at it-take the extended family you’ve settled in WB Raj Bhavan with you”.

When pointed out that the assertion of the OSDs being the governor’s relatives is ‘factually wrong’, she said, “Asking Uncleji to lay out right here what antecedents of the appointees are & how each one each one got into Raj Bhavan. Do it now. BJP IT Cell can’t get you out of this one Uncleji. And I don’t think Vice-President of India also happening for you”.

2. Bengal Stands Up To bullies GIF

Moitra shared this GIF  soon after after Mamata Banerjee wrote a letter to PM Modi over the transfer of Bengal’s Chief Secretary.

3. Chotiwala Rakshasha tweet

Earlier in March, the MP referred to Giriraj Singh as Chotiwala Rakshasha. In the same tweet, she said that she is “proud” of the fact that Giriraj Singh accuses Mamata Banerjee of belonging to the “Rohingya clan”, that is, siding with illegal migrants.

4. Comment on media

In December 2020, Mohua at an interaction called the media “worthless” later she apologised using this tweet.

5. Republic day violence

Finally in the list of Mahua Moitra Twitter feuds comes the time when she said, “Sorry @BJP- you may have won the I-Told-You-So battle yesterday but not the moral war”. She tweeted this a day after the Republic day violence at Red Fort and added, “The farmer fight is far from over. Long live This Republic”.