Mahua Moitra Vacates Govt Bungalow Days After Eviction Notice

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra vacated her government residence on Friday. She earlier approached the Delhi HC challenging an eviction notice that warned her of "use of force".

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Image: Press Trust of India

Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, who was expelled from the Lok Sabha recently, vacated her government-allotted bungalow on Friday, following an eviction notice. The former Member of Parliament was issued the notice from the Centre, warning her of "use of force if necessary." She had approached the Delhi High Court earlier this week to challenge the notice. At around 10 am today, she had fully vacated the bungalow and handed over the possessions to the Directorate of Estates. Moitra was expelled from the Lower House in December for 'unethical conduct'. 


According to NDTV, Mahua Moitra occupied a government bungalow in Telegraph Lane. She was first issued an eviction notice on January 7, a month after her expulsion from the Lok Sabha. Moitra will be contesting the upcoming general elections and sought time to vacate the residence till then, stating that the loss of government accommodation would hinder her campaign.

Mahua Moitra Challenged Eviction Notice

Mahua Moitra had allegedly approached the Delhi High Court to file a writ petition challenging the eviction notice issued by the Directorate, which manages government properties. Her lawyers stated that she should be able to live in the bungalow until the Lok Sabha elections are in.

According to NDTV, Moitra's lawyers argued before Justice Manmohan that MPs are allowed to keep their homes from the last day of the Parliament session before a general election to the day of results. They said that since she is a candidate in the elections, the same rules should apply to her too.

The eviction notice stated that she had been "allowed sufficient opportunity" to prove that she was an authorised occupant of the government-issued bungalow but "failed" to do so. The eviction order also stated that if Moitra decides to challenge the notice in any court, she shall be liable to pay monthly damages.

NDTV reported Moitra had approached the High Court earlier too and was ordered to request the Directorate to let her stay. The court had then stated that residents would be allowed to overstay for up to six months on payment of certain charges in exceptional circumstances. The court did not make any observations on the merits of the case and allowed Moitra to withdraw her petition. She vacated the bungalow on Friday morning. 

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