Twitter India’s Policy Head Mahima Kaul Resigns

Mahima Kaul, Twitter

Twitter India’s public policy head Mahima Kaul has resigned. This is the second high profile exit of a policy head of a social media company in recent times. The most recent was the resignation of Ankhi Das from Facebook as South Asia policy head when she quit last year in October 2020.

Kaul’s resignation comes at a time social media giants are under severe pressure. Recently the company was directed by the government to withhold Twitter accounts of prominent media houses and individuals tweeting in support of farmer protests.

Reports however say Kaul’s resignation has no connection to the government’s action towards the company. Mahima Kaul has been with Twitter for over 5 years. 

According to a statement issued by Twitter, “At the start of this year, Mahima Kaul decided to step down from her role as Twitter Public Policy Director for India and South Asia to take a well-deserved break. It’s a loss for all of us at Twitter, but after more than five years in the role we respect her desire to focus on the most important people and relationships in her personal life. Mahima will continue in her role till the end of March and will support the transition.” The statement was attributed to Monique Meche, VP, Public Policy, Twitter. 

Mahima Kaul’s successor has not been announced as yet. Mahima Kaul was one of the early hires by Twitter India and served as their policy head among other roles. She is an alumni of Welham’s High School, Dehradun and previously was engaged in a role with ORF Foundation, a thinktank based out of Delhi.