Lucknow Woman Varsha Verma Ferries Bodies Of COVID-19 Patients To Graveyards For Free

Varsha Verma
Lucknow woman Varsha Verma ferries bodies of COVID-19 patients: As the COVID-19 crisis continues to worsen in the country due to the second wave of the pandemic, a Locknow-based woman has taken to providing free carriage service for patients who have died from the virus outside the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the city.

The 42-year-old good samaritan wears personal protective equipment (PPE) suit and stands outside the hospital to help out the families of COVID-19 victims these days. This corona warrior has been working on the frontline since last week, ferrying the dead bodies to the cremation ground using her free vehicle service and also assisting the kins of the deceased to their last rites.

Varsha Verma, an author and a judo player, is volunteering in the city, took the decision to ferry the COVID-19 deceased to crematoriums after one of her friends died last week from COVID-19. Talking to ANI, she said that it was difficult to find a vehicle at the hospital to take her friend’s body to the cremation ground as some vehicle owners demanded extra charges. “Then it came to my mind that at the time of such a pandemic if I am not ferrying a dead body to the funeral, what else could be an inhuman treatment? After that hired a car to take him to the crematorium for the funeral after which I am engaged in this work of providing free ferries,” she told ANI.

According to Indiatimes, Verma runs an NGO named ‘Ek Koshish Aisi Bhi’. She hired another car and arranged a driver for the same purpose. Now, she has two vehicles. People who have lost someone to the deadly pandemic get help from her as she is stationed around the hospitals and comes forward to help the needy. Verma says that she no longer remember the number of trips she’s made between crematoriums and hospitals in the last few days.

Anne Morris, a Bengaluru based woman is helping with burials of COVID-19 patients at a cemetery in the city. A canine trainer by profession, Morris joined the cemetery in mid-February this year, to help the burial of coronavirus patients by managing the technical and logistical part associated with the process. Read more on her here.

Meanwhile, the death toll from COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh crossed the 10,000-mark on Tuesday, while the infection tally exceeded nine lakh after the detection of 29,754 fresh cases, making it one of the most affected states in the country.

Feature Image Credits: ANI

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