Lucknow Cab Driver Assault Video: DCW Chief Asks UP Police To Investigate Matter

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In the Lucknow cab driver assault video case, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal on Monday asked the police to investigate and take strict action in the matter.

This is regarding a video, now viral, circulating on social media showing a young woman brutally thrashing a male driver in public, alleging he was not driving properly and could have hit her. As per some reports, the woman even damaged the man’s mobile phone.

The undated video was shot in Lucknow’s kesari Kheda traffic crossing area, as per an account that tweeted the video. More on the case here.

As per a report, FIR has been lodged against the woman. Massive outrage has built on the internet against the woman in the video, with netizens demanding she be arrested for taking the law into her own hands.

“From the CCTV it seems that this girl is beating this poor taxi driver so badly because he did not stop the car! This is very shameful. Who gave her the right to beat him up?” Maliwal wrote sharing a video of the incident.

Cab Driver Assault Video Sparks Outrage: Here’s What We Know So Far

As seen in the video doing rounds, the woman assaults a man, while he urges passersby and bystanders on the road to call the police – female officers in particular. As a man approaches the duo to break the fight, the woman appears to raise her hand on him too. Read an opinion on the disturbing incident here.

The woman allegedly also claimed the driver misbehaved with her.

More CCTV footage alleged to be from the same events has also reached social media. In those, a person is seen crossing a busy road before a car halts in front of them and a crowd subsequently gathers. Trends of #ArrestLucknowGirl have taken over Twitter as netizens tag Lucknow and UP police in a bid for investigation and due justice in the case.