Lucknow Bans Playing Songs In Autos To Enhance Women's Safety

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Ban on songs in auto in Lucknow, Indore Millionaire Wife

In an attempt to enhance women's safety, the Lucknow district authorities have recently banned playing 'songs' in 'autos'. The authorities said that this decision will save women from vulgar elements when they sit in an auto. So for now, playing songs has been totally banned in autos and tempos in Lucknow.


“I think it is a great decision. The auto drivers at most times, play songs that have vulgar lyrics. The lyrics turn out to be so inappropriate at times that most women feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, the auto drivers even smile looking at the mirrors as the songs play, which is actually an act of harassment. So this decision to ban songs in auto and tempos is a great move according to me.” says Vaishnavi Patel who works in HCL Technologies, Lucknow.

Playing songs in autos and tempos has been totally banned in  in Lucknow. The authorities said that this decision will save women from vulgar elements when they hire an auto.

Speaking to Zee, senior SP, Kailash Naithani said, “All the autos and tempos will remove the sound systems present in their vehicles. This decision will be implemented in every area.” He added, “These songs trouble everyone, especially women due to their vulgar lyrics. In addition, elderly people also face a lot of problems due to very loud music.”

The auto and tempo drivers on Monday were instructed to remove the sound systems from their vehicles. If they do not comply with the rules then they'll have to pay the fine and challans. “Though it's a good step, I still feel a lot has to be done. But to be honest, I will still unsafe walking on the roads. As far as harassment is concerned, I might be harassed by the auto driver in a silent auto too. It's time to take strict against eve teasing as well.” says Vanshika Dixit who lives in Lucknow.

Not only from the point of harassment but sometimes the songs are played so loud that it becomes problematic for passengers in that vehicle.

As of 2018, eight women are raped every day in Uttar Pradesh and 30 are abducted. “I feel this is good and I believe other steps too will be taken to ensure our security. While we can raise our voice against the vulgar songs, one thing that remains out of our hand is eve teasing. There are so many instances where I was walking on the road and there were boys who passed pathetic comments and all I can do is ignore. So this should be taken care of as well after this.” says Bhavana Singh, a resident of Lucknow.

“Many a time, the auto driver plays vulgar songs and many of us refrain from saying anything. This gives them a chance to play whatever songs they want which actually have vulgar lyrics. Not only from the point of harassment but sometimes the songs played are so loud that it becomes problematic to travel in that vehicle. Some of the drivers even ignore or refuse to stop playing songs or lowering the volume, which again, becomes problematic.” says Chitra Singh, a resident of Lucknow.

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