Love, Sugar & Dough: Meet 5 Moms-Turned-Homebakers

Meet five "homebakers", women who took to baking and turned it into a successful business.

Ria Das
May 11, 2017 12:18 IST
Cupcakes and Sugar

We all know mothers who are passionate about baking. But how many do we know who make a business out of their hobby? Well, we found a few "homebakers"-- women who quit their regular jobs post children, and decided to make moolah out of some flour, sugar and dough. Of course, the love they bake with is the icing on the cake!


Nazia Ali, a Cake Artist, Baker and founder of "Baking Express". From Microbiology to Baking, she has come a long way  

Nazia Ali, Founder of Baking Express Nazia Ali, Founder of Baking Express

A Masters in Microbiology is hardly a degree needed for a baker. But watching one of her friends bake a cake for her son inspired Nazia Ali to explore her "Homebaker" side as she calls it. Her experiments with the oven paid off, and  today this mother of two runs Baking Express, a destination for homemade customized cakes and cupcakes in Bangalore.


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It's a far cry from her days as a Medical Coder, but this entrepreneurial venture is one she is proud of and extremely passionate about.  What's more, it helps her to balance work and family life too!

Monika Manchanda, founder of “Sin-A-Mon” 


Monika Manchanda, founder of Sin-A-Mon (Pic By Monika Manchanda, founder of Sin-A-Mon (Picture Credit:

Techie Monika Manchanda always nurtured a dream for a startup. And the dream became reality after she took to baking to fill up time after the birth of her son. The former IT employee then started experimenting with new recipes and blogging and the feedback was enthusiastic enough to prompt her to start Sin-O-Mon, her baking venture.

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Good word of mouth meant that soon Chaipatty café in Bangalore contacted her for desserts delivery. And so began the small business. Today, Sin-O-Mon takes food consulting projects like dessert, menu designing and some amount of food writing as well. Baking created a whole new world for her!

Kamini Gopal,  former ecologist and wildlife biologist turned baker, launched her venture -- 22 Baker Street in 2011

Kamini Gopal, founder of 22 Baker Street- Holmemade Cake (Pic By ) Kamini Gopal, Poonam Maria Prem, founder of 22 Baker Street (Pic By )


As a young girl, Kamini Gopal dreamt of baking. She finally got down to it in 2011 when she quit her job after her children were born. Encouraged by friends, she put up a stall in a handicraft mela organised by her housing society, and the response there to her baking goods gave her the fillip she needed to venture into business.

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Today, 22 Baker street specializes in bringing alive a favourite story book, movie or cartoon character in the form of a cake while fondant figurines and flowers for 3 D cakes are her specialty. This baking dream had a sweet realization!


Poonam Maria Prem, a visual effects artist turned baker, owner of Zoey’s Bakehouse in Hyderabad

Poonam Maria Prem, founder of Zoey’s Bakehouse (Pic By ) Poonam Maria Prem, founder of Zoey’s Bakehouse (Pic By )

For a visual artist who worked for films, baking was a hobby for Poonam. Until the day she couldn't find a decent animal-themed cake for her daughter's third birthday which prompted her to bake her first custom-made cake. It took her a whole year, and quite a few themed cakes for friends and family before she quit her job to take up baking full time. Her venture, Zoey's Bakehouse, specializes in rainbow and stiletto cakes, and is very appropriately named after her daughter. She was the inspiration after all.


Rumana Jaseel, a registered dietician by profession, owner of baking Company Incredible Art

Rumana Jaseel, founder of Incredible Art (Pic By Rumana Jaseel, founder of Incredible Art (Pic By

Baking was a passion for Rumana ever since she was 13. Post-three kids in 2008, a desire to balance home and work better led her to make her passion her profession. She started her venture -- Cake Bake -- from her kitchen, which was later renamed Incredible Art. Today, besides baking, she also teaches the art of baking at her academy, Incredible Art Artisan Cake boutique.

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