Kalki Koechlin Poses Nude To Send Out Body Positivity Message

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Kalki Koechlin nude picture

The ever bold actress, Kalki Koechlin, is truly a symbol of feminism. One of the most versatile and talented actresses in Bollywood, Kalki took to Instagram and made a statement with a black and white nude picture. The caption reads 'love your nakedness'.



The picture went viral with 14,655 likes. A mix of audacious and virtuous attitude, Kalki is the flag-bearer of women's empowerment in Bollywood. Known for her soft-spoken nature, Kalki recently posted this Instagram photo to spread the real meaning of body positivity.

Why lose ourselves in seeking approvals from others, society: Kalki Koechlin

The actress always picks movie scripts that touch people’s hearts. Kalki’s powerful performances over the last few years have garnered her a strong place in Bollywood. She is one of the few Hindi film industry actresses today who can meaningfully speak up about rights and wrongs.

She has stressed upon the fact that she is and always will be a true feminist by heart.

Talking to Mid-day, Kalki said, "As women, we often are depicted through a man's perspective, but this picture was clicked by a woman photographer. That's why I found it significant to share the photograph."


Every celebrity on social media is aware of body shaming and trolls, even Kalki is aware of their existence and hopes to shine through unapologetic.

The 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' actress said, "I think it's important to celebrate who you are and your body rather than ponder about what the world will think. I have always believed in the idea of wearing your personality on your sleeve. I have never been ashamed of whatever I do. "

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While featuring in a nude picture could send the right message to the right people, it also could have an equal share of trolls slamming her bold avatar. The post received much love as well as comments like 'Indian culture ko barbaad kiya hai tum logon​ ne' and 'she's not an Indian'.

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These reactions prove that the society we live in still shies away from female sexuality. Unlike many, Kalki is well-aware of the definition of feminism and she is upset that most of the time, society thinks or takes feminist movements as male-bashing actions.


Kalki is currently busy with her upcoming film 'Jiah aur Jiah', which will release soon.

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Hats off to you Kalki for starting this amazing movement!

If I were given a choice, I would sit on my couch with pizza slices and watch 'Margarita With A Straw' over any other typical Hindi movie. That’s the effect you have on people!

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