Love Island Winner Amber Gill Talks About Her Weight Loss Journey After Being Subjected To Trolls

Amber Gill slammed people for fat-shaming her. Take a look at how the Love Island star clapped back.

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Love Island winner Amber Gill

Love Island winner Amber Gill shut down trollers after she showed off her transformed body. The star was repeatedly fat-shamed over her figure by trolls. She achieved her desired figured in just six weeks.


Amber has now spilled the beans on how she got her new look. She said that exercise has considerably improved her mental health. The reality star also promoted her fitness app Amber FLEXX on the interview. She admitted that she has always been on the receiving end of nasty comments on TikTok since November. Amber says that none of these comments makes her feel self-conscious about her figure. She called herself a 'body confident' person who believes that everyone's unique in their own way.

Love Island winner Amber Gill

Amber Gill said that she started following a strict fitness routine for herself, not for the haters who started fat-shaming her. She said that the lockdown had affected her well-being and she started neglecting herself. She credits her fallout to moving away from her hometown, Newcastle to London. Amber said that she started being lenient on herself and she didn't have her mother to control her habits at that time. The star soon realised that she had to start working on herself for her health and well-being. She expressed how humans are seldom accustomed to staying put, so that did affect her state of mind.

She then started following a six-week plan to achieve her former weight before Christmas 2020. Amber Gill diligently stuck to her fitness system which is purely based on cardio combat moves. That enabled her to shed 17 pounds, minus 6 inches from the waist. As far as her fitness food is concerned, she revealed that she doesn't consume red meat and eats all her favourite food. Her dietician Jo Travers came up with a diet plan which included everything she loves to eat. The star firmly condemns 'fad diets.'

The star has a fan-following of 2.7 million on Instagram. This happened ever since she won the Love Island 2019. Amber Gill has become an inspiration for others and advises young people to never get influenced by the fakeness of social media. She urged people to always open up in front of their loved ones.

In recent times, celebrities have always slammed trolls for fat-shaming them. Celebrities like Lizzo, Demi Lovato, Adele, Selena Gomez have been vocal about being fat-shamed publicly. Read more about celebs hitting back at body shaming here.

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