‘Lost Indian Goddesses’ Depicts How India Treats Women

Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

“Lost Indian Goddesses” – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words? The exact depiction of what it sounds like has been portrayed through a photo series by Mumbai-based conceptual photographer Victoria Krudysheva and designer Paarul Bhargava.

“Unfortunately, we ignore the ones walking daily among us. We pray to the Goddesses for power and prosperity, but we humiliate, harass, rape, disrespect, discriminate and frown upon the women around us,” says 28-year-old Russia-born, Mumbai-based photographer Victoria Krudysheva in an interview with Rediff.com.


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“I am a woman and that’s the first thing that inspired me to create ‘Lost Indian Goddesses’.”

Victoria has put together a photo series that features women in five Hindu goddess avatars. However, the chronicle is not focused on worshipping, but it displays the goddesses with their most celebrated traits.


Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

“So much power given to women in myths and the Vedas, yet in life, they are frowned upon for taking any decisions for themselves.”


Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

While the captions of each photos showcase how women in India these days get criticized for representing the same traits or attitude.

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Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

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Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

The caption on this photo reads, “Your goddess Kali is naked but you ask your girlfriend to cover up, criticise that woman in crop top, make your daughter conscious of her body. Instead of conquering evil, she is fighting herself.”

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“Those goddesses you worship are walking daily among us, but you choose to humiliate, harass, rape, disrespect or simply discriminate [against] them. It is time you open your eyes to the actual goddesses till it’s your head in Kali’s hand,” the photo series conclusively reads.

” It isn’t a religious matter. It’s a social issue that has been portrayed metaphorically.” – Victoria says.

While stories of mythological women get our devotion, the real women from the society are neglected, condemned. Sad, but True!

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