A 46-year-old Uber driver, Alaric Spence, has been arrested in Los Angeles on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

The driver had picked up a 24-year-old female passenger from downtown Los Angeles. The woman was drunk and passed out in the back of his car. Spence then proceeded to take her to a motel and sexually assault her.

LAPD Robbery Homicide Captain William Hayes says that there is a video which shows him carrying her into the hotel. Spence had been working for Uber for 6 months and has a history of felony. He has been charged with possession and sale of narcotics. However, since his crimes had occurred in the late 1990s, he was able to become an Uber driver. According to the law, companies aren’t allowed to hire drivers who have had a DUI and committed violent crimes within the past 7 years.

In April this year, another Uber driver from Orange County was charged with raping a passenger.

Uber has been under fire for its sexual harassment scandals. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has stepped down from the company he founded. He resigned after Uber’s major investors demanded that he step down.

Uber has been under scrutiny for its lack of action against those who complained of sexual harassment. Former Uber employee Susan Fowler wrote about how her complaints had been ignored by her superiors, following which the company set up a hotline for complaints. The firm has received 215 complaints, and has 57 under investigation by law firm Perkins Cole.

“No person should ever have to experience the violent act that’s been reported to police,” Uber has said in a statement about the attack.

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