L’Oreal Paris has made Amena Khan the face of its latest hair product, Elvive. Khan is the founder of Ardere Cosmetics, and is a blogger and model. She is the first woman wearing a hijab to be featured in a hair ad.

Khan spoke about how proud she is to be the face of a hair product.

“They’re literally putting a girl in a headscarf ― whose hair you can’t see ― in a hair campaign. Because what they’re really valuing through the campaign is the voices that we have,” Amena Khan told Vogue

In the ad she says, whether or not your hair is on display, doesn’t affect how much you care about it.

She also posted on her Instagram which has more than 570,000 followers.

“So… lately I’ve had a complex relationship with my hair feeling lacklustre,” she wrote in one caption. “When I take off my scarf, I want my hair to be more radiant — don’t we all? I’m so excited and incredibly proud to announce that I’m part of the new L’Oréal Paris Elvive World of Care Campaign,” she said.

Khan also spoke about her experience at the studio. She talked about the project’s large scale and the colourful sets, and how warm and welcoming everyone was.

Messages of support

The model said she has been getting many messages of support since the campaign went live.

“Just because we cover our hair doesn’t mean we don’t have hair that’s why we are hiding it or we have hair problems like any other girls that show. So I am glad we have someone representing us,” one user posted.

The hijab is becoming mainstream

Recently, Barbie announced a new hijab-wearing doll, which has been designed after  US Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad.

“There has never been a Barbie doll to wear a hijab before. I’m really excited to have this moment happen in my life and also for all these little girls now who can shop for Barbie doll that may look them, may wear a hijab like they do, or like their mom does, or like a friend does. But also have kids who aren’t Muslim, who don’t wear a hijab, to also have the opportunity to play with a doll that wears a hijab,” – Ibtihaj Muhammad

Nike has also come out with its first hijab for athletes.

The hijab is becoming mainstream, and hopefully, our acceptance of it will as well.

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Picture Credit: Glamour

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