Here’s Why Lizzo Is One True Fitness Role Model

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Lizzo Fitness Icon: She is setting goals for each one of us. Lizzo made a viral TikTok video in which she totally demolished all the ‘ideal body’ stereotypes. Here’s why she is one true fitness role model

Fitness is not really about getting the ‘perfect figure’ and this has what fitness enthusiasts say to push. American pop star Lizzo is a fitness enthusiasts who actually practices this philosophy. 

While she has confessed that she doesn’t really confident about her body but she tries to and that is what matters the most. She makes every effort to love herself without making it seem like a phoney ideology propagated by influencers. Whether it is about flashing her behind on the camera and simply adoring herself or just simply sharing her day-to-day fitness routine with her followers, Lizzo is winning hearts for the compassion she has for herself. 

In her last video on Instagram, Lizzo was seen singing her song with pretty high vocals on a treadmill! Who would have thought she could be so breathless and still sound beautiful. In my personal opinion, treadmills are the worst. Even though the near-death experience does feel great at the end but I can barely get myself to step on it. Thanks to Lizzo, treadmills have now a new image in my eyes. 

There is much discourse on body-positivity but I can’t believe I am the only one who absolutely hates her body. No matter how much you are being told to love yourself, the inspiration to at least get started on the journey comes from looking at people who actually love their body. And that is Lizzo is doing. She is showing people how much and how unconditionally she loves her body. I mean she literally gives sweet talk to her tummy. Who can beat that? 

Lizzo made a viral TikTok video last year in which she totally demolished all the ‘ideal body’ stereotypes. She said, ” It may come as a surprise to y’all but I am not working out for your ideal body type. I am working out to my idol body type.” That is exactly the kind of body positivity we must aim for.

She has spoken in interviews about the difference between body positivity and normalising different body types and according to her, they are not the same. She said that being fat is not body positive, it is normal. She revealed it last year that she has been working out for the last five years. 

Most people when applaud women owning their body do it out of pity and shock. That is not normalisation means. Fat and skinny people don’t ask for pity, they ask to be seen just the same as everyone else. We must start to recognise the difference between negging and actual compliment. Things like “fat but beautiful” are nothing but an insult. There is no ‘but’ needed in the sentence. We are fat and beautiful. Honestly, get on with it. 

When David Letterman interviewed Lizzo for his Netflix show, Lizzo said something that has stuck with me. She talked about how praises like “You are so brave” rubbed her the wrong way and why not. She said that people say such things assuming that she is unapologetic of her body. ” What should I be apologetic for?” said Lizzo. 

How fair is it to judge people by the way they look? I can look like a carrot and still have something important to say. Our existence should be defined by our deeds, not by the size and looks of our body. Lizzo told Letterman that she doesn’t people to think of her as an activist just because she is Black and fat. She said that she wants to be an activist because, ” I am intelligent because I care about issues, my music is good, because I wanna help the world.” This is what we need from a fitness role model. Someone who wears herself proudly and refuses to be defined by it.