Little Known Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum is something we all enjoy.Its sweet aftertaste lingers and makes us feel fresh. We are not claiming that a gum is magic potion without any side effects, surely it has its negatives but some researches have indicated certain positives too.


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1) Improves memory retention: Various studies show that chewing gum can improve your short-term memory. It also helps in memory recall. Eat the same flavour of gum while studying and while writing your exams, it will help you recall the information stored easily.

2) Improves concentration: Studies show that chewing gum can give your brain a similar boost as drinking coffee. That boost will last for about 20 minutes, but it’s enough to get you going.

3) It helps you fight stress and anxiety: Psychologists have known for years that chewing gum helps you stay calm when in stress. It also eases tension and releases nervous energy by reducing the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Chewing gum also helps you reduce the anxiety level.

4) It can prevent tooth decay: Chewing sugar-free gum after lunch is recommended, as chewing gum helps in saliva production and along with the physical act of chewing would wash away any bacteria in the mouth.

A Gum sweetened with xylitol is a better and healthier option than gum sweetened with aspartame.


5) May help your intestine recover faster comparatively after surgery: Researches say that after an abdominal surgery or major colon removal, chewing gum has helped in comparatively speedy recovery. This is because chewing gum tricks your brain that you are eating and increases saliva secretion that can speed up the digestion process. But obviously, consult your doctor before doing it or advising your friends as it may not have similar effects on everyone.

6) Prevents acid reflux: Chewing gum increases the saliva production and this increased saliva act like an antacid in the stomach. The act of gulping this saliva stimulates the contraction of the muscle walls, which aids in digestion and prevents acid reflux.

7) Help you fight bad breath: Chewing gum can also help you curb bad breath as it increases saliva and washes out bacteria, it helps combat bad breath.

8) Can curb your appetite: A study has found that chewing gum post lunch can decrease the food cravings for later meals. Also, chewing gum tricks the brain into thinking that you’re eating, which can decrease the appetite.

9) Fewer sweet-tooth cravings: Studies have found that chewing gums can also lead to decrease in cravings for sweet treats, as it already releases a sweet flavour in the gums. It also decreases our overall appetite.

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