Lisa Haydon Was Body-Shamed For Being Too Skinny

Actress Lisa Haydon has admitted that she was body-shamed for being "a toothpick".

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Lisa Haydon

The super gorgeous, Lisa Haydon, has also been a victim of body-shaming, the actress has admitted.


Haydon, who was on the Vogue BFF chat-show with designer Tarun Tahiliani, said she will never forget those days when she had been teased for her size and her skinniness. Being skinny is as bad as being fat, she admitted, as reported by Indian Express.

“I was picked on for being a toothpick.”

Her ultra-sexy curves have got noticed now but in the past it was a major topic of discussion as people made fun of her and Lisa suffered from body shaming issues.

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“People always think that if you’re on the larger side or you’re overweight, then you become complex. But I think being a really skinny kid makes you quite complex too.”



Lisa's comments show how obsessed society is when it comes to looks – obese or skinny - body-shaming is a part of it.

Lisa further added, “I just remember being picked on for being a toothpick. Really skinny and really tall. Eventually, you fill out and then, you tend to not put on weight when you're older. But, when you're younger and if you're really thin, people just make fun of you."

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Thankfully, there are a few known faces like Lisa Haydon in B-town, who don't fear speaking their mind and are very casual when people talk about being 'perfect figured'.

Very recently, even our international star Priyanka Chopra came out sharply against body-shaming.


 “I was a skinny, gawky teenager and I had crazy frizzy hair that I didn’t know how to control. People made me feel awkward because I didn’t look like everyone else.”

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We hope these statements would pinch those who love talking about others’ appearances, don’t talk to you unless you are pretty to look at and in great physical shape.

Feature Image Credit: OneIndia

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