‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ Actress Body-Shamed, Slams Trolls In Style

Aahana Kumra Body Shamed

Online trolls recently targeted actress Aahana Kumra. Reason? She was dressed a bikini in some of her holidaying pictures. Aahana became a household name after her role in Alankrita Shrivastava’s ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’.

She had posted the photos on Instagram, flaunting the perfect beach bod. They were taken during her trip to Australia. Aahana was attending the Darwin International Film Festival (DIFF) there.

Aahana is not the first actress to get trolled for posting bikini pictures. Many Bollywood celebrities have also been body-shamed for sharing similar photos

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The bikini-clad pic was captioned — “Sometimes you just have to go with the waves!”

Aahana Kumra Body Shamed

Another picture, where the actress is seen enjoying a boat ride, is captioned, “Let the sea set you free!”

Flood of unwanted advice

Soon after comments like “loose some fat from belly”, “please go to gym” started being dished out. Body-shamers kept heaping Aahana with unwanted advice.

An Instagrammer replied this to a sexist comment, “tu btayega ab kise kya krna h.. enlightened h tu light bujhau teri.. gandh macha rkhi social media pe.. ladki kuch bhi kre tre bap ka kya jata h tuje koi bol rha kya.. sale doob mro”

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Instead of being demotivated by the comments, Aahana replied subtly, shutting them up through the caption of one of her other pictures: “Do we shape the world? Or does the world shape us?”

Sari photo superliked

She was also seen sharing her another picture where she was wearing a sari. This photo received good comments, thus highlighting the deep-rooted misogynistic minds people of this country have!

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