Life Lessons From Entrepreneurs & Leaders


On the Women Entrepreneurs’ Day, we at SheThePeople.TV have compiled some life lessons for young passionate souls who are ready to take on the world with their ideas and thoughts. The precious stories, tips and anecdotes were collected at a recent gathering of entrepreneurs and leaders in Mumbai at the Digital Women Awards.

Stop holding yourself back!

Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook, South and Central Asia, tells us how the digital revolution has completely changed the game today. Had this revolution come earlier during her teen years, the scenario in the 21st century would be much different. If she had to send a message to her younger self, she’d say, “Don’t hold yourself back”. 

Ankhi Das

Ankhi Das

Have something to say? Don’t be afraid!

Here’s a very useful piece advice from Aditi Mittal, stand-up comedian and the winner of Best Digital Comedy. “I’ve realised that in my field of work, there are those who will troll and then there are 10 more who will stand up for me.” She says that no one should be afraid to speak their mind. Aditi is not just a comedian, but a feminist and an activist who is vocal about her views, opinions ideas about issues related to women and injustice.

Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal

You’re no less!

Sakshi Talwar, who runs her venture Rugs and Beyond, tells SheThePeople.Tv that women need not think they are less than any man. She tells us, “My venture helps many women get employment which, in turn, empowers them and makes them feel significant. We also strongly condemn child labour and therefore, no such practice takes place in manufacturing the products.”

Start by taking a leap of faith

A BJP politician and a Member of Parliament from Mumbai North Central, Poonam Mahajan, told us that women need to start believing in themselves. The gathering of women entrepreneurs seemed like the perfect occasion to pick up notes from as so many women came together to celebrate their ideas and success. This only re-instates the fact that women are no less.

Women entrepreneurs don’t have to rely on just their passion, but also support from the Indian government that is changing the scenario of business with its start-up revolution plans. Ramesh Abhishek said that the government is taking steps that will help young entrepreneurs who need a push in this field of chaos, excitement, and gradual success.