Let’s Talk Money: Why Financial Freedom Is Important For Women

Holding Cash

Gone are the days when handling finances was solely a man’s domain. Today’s modern-age women understand the importance of being financially independent. They know that economic freedom is their most important tool. SheThePeople.TV spoke to a bunch of women to know what financial independence means to them and the pivotal role it plays in their lives.

A sense of equality

Ishita Chhikara, a Physics graduate from Delhi University, feels financial independence is empowering.

“Financial independence compels women to rely on themselves for their survival. They do not need to ask anyone anything. It gives them the liberty to lead the life and experience what they want to. It gives women a sense of equality.”

Financial independence brings the power of decisionmaking and thus it empowers a woman –Nalini Misra Tyabji 

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To take care of one’s family

Rashi Goel, pursuing her Masters from Madras University, says that being financially independent is a boon for women since they, then, are capable of taking care of their own family. They can also contribute significantly to the household expenditure, which otherwise remains a father’s domain.

She also sheds light about how financial dependence keeps women stuck in abusive marriages. “It is the core reason for a lot of women to suffer through bad marriages or get married early.”

To help build an identity

Ayushi Jain, an educator, focuses on the pride associated with one’s financial independence. “Your work gives you money and happiness. It helps you build an identity for yourself and makes us feel that we are equal to men and not discriminated against. We can take our life in our own direction.”

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You live life by your own rules

Bhawna Tripathi, a foreign language student, opines that there is a sense of freedom when you earn. “You can make rules for yourself. Your life doesn’t revolve around anyone.”

To support other causes

Anchal Goswami, currently working with an NGO, says,”The first and the foremost thing that women can do to bring about a change is to learn how to manage their finances because it is only when they will become financially independent that they will be able to help others and fight for causes close to their heart.”

Gives power to make decisions

Nalini Misra Tyabji, a businesswoman and an artist, had spoken to SheThePeople.Tv about the importance of financial independence for women.

In Nalini’s view, financial independence brings the power of decision-making and thus, it empowers a woman.

It is about imbibing the right habits

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