Let's have new and improved wedding vows: Respondents to matrimonial survey

A recent survey by matrimonial website reveals that women would prefer to come up with their own wedding vows.

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A recent survey by matrimonial site has thrown up some interesting responses from women about the idea of marriage vows. When the question was posed as to what if partners had the choice to write their own vows, the answer was a resounding yes from the majority of women.


While the survey had a majority both Indian men and women wanting to write their own vows, the percentage of women was much higher than the men. While 54.1% men said yes to changing vows, staggering 65.3percent women supported the idea. The naysayers were limited to 30.5 per cent¬†in women and 45.9 per cent were men. And those who could not make up¬†their minds or said ‚Äėmay be‚Äô were 25.6 per cent women and 34.7 per cent men.

‚ÄúThis survey re-affirms our belief that this generation knows exactly what they want. They have their own set of strong beliefs. Our quest is to help such like minded singles discover each other,‚ÄĚ said Gourav Rakshit, Chief Executive Officer of in a statement to IANS.

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About 15,700 people from the age group of 25 to 36 years responded to the survey. And when the people who wanted a change were asked about the alterations they would like to make they came up with a variety of suggestions. 38.5% women want to support their families even after marriage, 36.2% women want to chase their dreams and share their lives and 25.3% women didn't want to change their identities after marriage.

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The new-age survey completely resonates with the current generation of women who want to break stereotypes. The pleasant surprise though were some of the views put forth by the male respondents.  36.1 per cent who said yes to change in vows want to treat their in-laws just like their parents,  33.7 per cent don’t want to compare their spouse’s cooking with their mother’s and 30.2 per cent want equality in household chores.


Now that’s the kind of relationship between men and women we want where there is mutual respect and understanding between the partners.

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