Lesbian Love Story Wins Roopa Rao Best Director Award

Roopa Rao

Web series are a total hit these days with youngsters due to their freshness and close-to-reality concepts. One such web series currently ruling the hearts of not just the Indian audience but that of New York as well is — ‘The Other Love Story’ — directed by Bengaluru-based filmmaker, Roopa Rao. It recently earned Roopa the Best Director Award at the highly prestigious NYC Web Fest.

Apart from winning the award in the Best Director category, the web series was nominated in five more categories — Best Web series, Best Writer, Best Actor for both the protagonists and Best Cinematography.

“I wondered how would it be if I were to make a subtle romance between two girls”

‘The Other Love Story’ is a sweet romantic story of two young college-going girls who fall in love. Aachal, played by Shweta Gupta, is a first year graduation student and belongs to a joint conservative family from North India. While Aadya, played by Spoorthi Gumaste, is a second year student and is part of a nuclear family from the South. It is interesting to watch how both girls find love in each other, which is nowhere close to how mainstream cinema portrays lesbian love.

The Other Love Story

The Other Love Story, Aachal and Aadya

When SheThePeople.TV asked Roopa how she got the idea of creating a web series based on a love story between two girls, she said, “The story chose me actually. I have grown up watching Hindi films and I am a big Yash Chopra movie fan. I have travelled around the world and have always wondered how would it be if I were to make let’s say a very naive, durable, subtle romance but between two girls.”

She added, “I do have a lot of friends who are in sensuous relationships but the way it is showcased in India is a very clichéd manner and the fact that they make mockery out of it. But then in reality, it’s different and it happens everywhere.”

About the reach of the web series, she said, “It has been received very well, thankfully.”

When Roopa started making the web series, she just wanted to make a story to the best of her ability. She did not put much thought into how well the web series will be received by the public. In her view, as a filmmaker, her satisfaction lies in translating her thought through a visual medium.

Roopa Rao

Roopa Rao, Director of award-winning web series

On the kind of stories Roopa likes to tell, she said, “I only tell stories that come to my head and I also feel that whatever comes naturally to you, you should do it.”

Roopa is now on a writing spree for a feature film. She has two topics in mind but is yet to decide which one to work on.