Learn Some Practical Ways Of Shunning Patriarchy

Gender Equality in choice of clothes

Patriarchy envelops India like the coils of a snake. This archaic practice of oppressing women hasn’t changed with time. Women across the world are marching against patriarchy. Indian women, too, are devising their own ways to combat it.

Shethepeople.Tv spoke to some young women on how they deal with the patriarchy surrounding them:

By open debate and discussion

Nikita Kumar, a student of Political Science, is an ardent believer of the power of debate to spur change.

“Men have absolutely no idea about the extent to which patriarchy is entrenched in society. I deliberately bring up issues in front of people to know their perception. I try to change it, if possible. Discussing gender-related issues with my family members and friends is my way of giving vent to my emotions and making them aware at the same time.”

By educating oneself

Educating oneself goes a long way in shunning patriarchy. Chaitanya Singh, an aspiring educator, says:

“I read a lot on gender equality. I stay informed about the latest happenings in the feminist world. Staying informed gives me the freedom to face adverse situations with grit. Supporting other women in their endeavours is another way of combating patriarchy.”

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By secluding oneself from the world of gender inequality

Not all women let this issue get on their nerves. This is how Computer Science student Shivani Nayyar thinks:

“I feel one’s personality defines them and not the gender they are born with. I do not bother myself much with these issues because I know not much can change. I live my life on my own terms and avoid getting into arguments over this. I believe in my capabilities and do not owe any justification to anyone. This attitude helps me retain my mental peace.For instance, if some stranger stares at me, I stare him back without uttering a single word. It works.”

Sarcasm is a powerful tool

“I use sarcasm to shoo away people who bother me with their chauvinistic mindsets. I usually start agreeing with anyone who makes a sexist comment till a point when they themselves start feeling that I do not mean what I say. They become quiet and that’s when I know I won. I guess my message gets delivered,” shared Tannu with a broad grin.

These badass young women are proving it to the world that they won’t tolerate patriarchy anymore.

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