Leadership Lessons the Gita taught us by Meghna Pant

Well-known Indian novelist and financial journalist, Meghna Pant explains leadership lessons from the Gita in 25 tweets

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Leadership Lessons the Gita taught us by Meghna Pant

Well-known Indian novelist and financial journalist Meghna Pant today brought us some insights from the Gita – Lessons of Leadership. ​She had explained the lessons in 25 tweets at a Twitter fiction festival earlier and shared took adapted the same unique idea to explain the main lessons from the Hindu epic.


Meghna emphasizes on how teachings from the Gita can make you good leader in today's world. Here are the main points:

- The Gita says the management concept is the backbone of a born leader and how firmly he or she can overcome hard situations and focus on the growth define how good a leader a person is.

- “Peace of mind leads a long way,” says Meghna. But how many of us are actually closer to achieve it? Very few! Leadership lessons from the Gita talk about having peace of mind, serenity within. For example, if a boss shouts at her or his employees that is sure to impact their productivity negatively.

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-A day of anger can lead a day of unproductivity.

-The main mantra to run a company depends on what you’re giving, neglecting what you’re getting.

- The Gita also speaks about the work culture which brings a company to the top. People are the backbone of any company.

- Leadership duty includes positivity in thinking which actually builds the change.

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- Equilibrium – how can we achieve Equilibrium? Meditate and don’t let difficult situations affect your mind.


-Nobody has control over future. You cannot control the consequences of your actions either.

-The Gita says don’t try to control what cannot be, instead focus on what the future holds for you and in what ways you can achieve your dreams.

- Liberation is the key. Liberate yourself from greed and prevent your mind from going restless, according to the Gita.

- Nothing which belongs to us is actually permanent.

-Whatever comes to you in life is the result of your actions.

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