Lawyer’s Clerk Accused Of Sexual Harassment In Supreme Court

Lawyer's clerk sexual harassment

The apex court is as unsafe for women as any other place. A woman lawyer’s accusation against a Supreme Court clerk proves this. The woman took to Twitter to narrate her ordeal and the way in which her complaint was dealt with.

She narrated how the clerk, named Deepak, harassed her in Supreme Court. She went and complained to the lawyer he works for. The lawyer casually asked the accused to apologise to the woman. In fact, the lawyer told the lady to follow the procedure if she has a grievance.

The woman lawyer told Bar and Bench that she told the lawyer concerned to ensure that Deepak does not attend court in the future. She has also written an email in this regard to the Supreme Court Bar Association.

However, when asked whether Deepak’s card should be withdrawn, his employer said that would be too harsh a punishment. “The poor chap will lose his job,” he added.

The woman added that she would have approached the Supreme Court’s Gender Sensitisation Internal Complaints Committee (GSIIC), but failed to find an email address to which an anonymous complaint could be addressed.

“In case I see the clerk again, I will take all possible action to make sure he is not allowed on the premises, as it is an issue concerning safety,” she added.

The alleged incident happened in court number three on Thursday. The woman is still undecided on whether or not to lodge a police complaint.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to lawyer Malavika Rajkotia who said that Supreme Court has an internal complaints committee to deal with such cases. Whenever a lawyer faces any such issue, they deal with it in their own way, she said. She also said that such cases won’t dissuade women from joining law firms.

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