Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini has decided to make an extra effort to woo those women who enjoy getting behind the wheel, and don’t mind spending a bomb on driving around in luxury. The mushrooming start-ups have produced a new set of potential customers and also the demand in small cities is on an upswing. So the Company is betting big, especially eyeing the women customers.

To give women a feel of their lean mean sports machines, the Company has decided to hold drives on city roads to give them a feel of the Lamborghini car. “We are taking first steps to tap them by organising drives on city roads and on track, give them a chance to get the Lamborghini experience,” said Sharad Aggarwal, Lamborghini India head to Economic Times.

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The company, that has 40% of India’s niche market, sold about 55 cars last year, and is expecting that the demand will only increase this year. In the luxury market brand, it competes with Ferrari cars with horse power 400HP and above and the cars priced at 2 crores and above. “It’s a very important market for us. We are investing a lot on developing our network and effort to reach out to customers. We expect to grow in double digits. Last year, we saw growth coming back in the market segment after declining in the previous years,” said Aggarwal.

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According to a survey by Big Boy Toyz, women mostly buy the Mini Cooper, Cayman, BMW Z4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes SLK. Lamborghini though is aiming to change that. The Company also realises that women are the primary decision makers in their houses, a lot depends on their liking, and cars are no different. So if Lamborghini is chasing them, their preference might change too. After all, because who says no to one of the best Italian cars in the world?

Feature Image Credit: India Today

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