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Lady Gaga Reveals She Would ‘Get Depressed’ From Waking Up & Remembering She Was Herself

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Lady Gaga recently opened up about her struggles with depression. She told the magazine Billboard that after the Joanne World tour in 2018 she used to wake up every day and remember “I was Lady Gaga — and then I would get depressed.” She has discussed her experiences with trauma, depression, self-harm, anxiety and stress disorders in the past. However, she described her newest album Chromatica “as a journey from pain through healing.”

The 34-year-old pop singer bluntly explained in her interview that her fame and her depression were closely related.  Gaga said,” I became afraid to leave the house, began chain-smoking and drinking heavily. My existence in and of itself was a threat to me. I’m Lady Gaga, you don’t understand what it feels like, I want to dress how I want and be who I without people noticing, why does everybody have to notice, I’m so sad, I don’t even know why anymore, why are you making  me talk about it?”

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“I spent a lot of time in a sort of catatonic state of just not wanting to do anything,” Lady Gaga said, “And then I finally, slowly started to make music and tell my story through my record. These are the things that create highways from heart to heart, where we can hold compassion and empathy, where we can celebrate everybody’s resilience.”

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She spoke about the importance of therapy. She said that therapy helped her heal and is the thought process behind “Chromatica.”

Michael Tucker, the producer helped Lady Gaga in her creative process and told her to pour her emotions into the songwriting. He told Billboard they would begin most recording sessions by spending a few hours talking about her feelings- which resulted in some of her most personal lyricisms to date like “911” and “1000 Doves.”

Lady Gaga’s face masks at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards had caught the attention of social media users late last month. She won four awards at the show, including the inaugural MTV Tricon Award and artist of the year. Along with Ariana Grande, she performed on Rain on Meon at the event too.

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