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According to research, Indian women are the most depressed in the world. Patriarchy, rampant sexism and archaic mindsets are some of the prominent reasons why. That's why this entrepreneur is committed towards making women feel confident and happy about themselves.


SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Kusha Kalra, a certified Life-Coach, about "Happy Lives" her wonderful initiative of helping women realize their full potential.

1. Tell us something about your educational background.

I am a Post graduate specializing in Insurance from Amity University. I am also a Certified Life coach from ICA, Australia. I have various certifications as a Trainer which have helped me in conducting my workshops basis adult learning principles.

2. How and when did the idea of "Happy Lives" emerge and what does it aim at achieving?

"Happy Lives" started in the form of a Business page on Facebook followed by a website to connect women from all walks of life and share about their stories and be empowered to make a transformation in their lives. It is a space where women can unwind and share heart to heart conversations. I have been using this as a platform to engage all my participants and provide updates about my workshops. The aim of Happy Lives is to help women to Empower, Enrich and Evolve and find their true identity through group and one on one coaching sessions.

3. We see that your venture is targeted specifically towards women. Do women in India lead a more stressful life?

I think women across the globe are playing different roles for their family, their kids, their team members and their bosses. All this has led to making themselves a second priority.

They do not realize that self care, self love and self worth are equally important for their own happiness and success. The biggest self inflicted barrier created by women in their daily life experience is "The Super-Woman Syndrome" which means being Perfect in everything they do.

4. Entrepreneurial journeys are full of ups and downs. How has your experience been?

My journey as an entrepreneur started in August 2014. I have been through a roller coaster ride in the last two years. I started out as a Business partner for a startup which was also into offering services in L&D. I knew it would take 6-8 months to stabilize in my business. However, since my long-term goal was to coach women exclusively, I moved out of the partnership to continue on my own and focus on Happy Lives completely. This meant starting from scratch. I was lucky to have built a good network and got experience of working with corporate professionals. Using references I started designing and delivering workshops exclusively for women empowerment  in organisations.

I am also doing my business online to spread my story and empower women across the globe. I do feel that a determined woman can do anything she decides to put her mind to. The challenge is to route the mind through the Heart and do what makes you really happy. Starting an online business has given me the flexibility of working on my own hours, travelling and meeting new people, and most of all making my own identity independent of my past jobs, my relationships, and the society as well. My first success was quitting my job and starting my own business.

My second important milestone is not giving up on my business. Yes! It takes passion, patience, persistence to launch yourself as an entrepreneur and scale it up. I feel that my confidence and determination has kept me going throughout good times and bad. I do know that where there is a will, there is a way. And if you really want to do what makes you happy then you will definitely find the way out for it.

Workshop By Happy Lives Workshop By Happy Lives

5. What role does technology play in boosting entrepreneurship?

Technology plays a key role in boosting our presence online as an entrepreneur. It helps to connect to our audience across the globe, not just within India. I have been able to create my brand "Happy Lives" using social media and I do know that if the right marketing techniques are used, we can scale up our business online. Using technology I have also been able to get connected to other entrepreneurs, associations and forums who promote entrepreneurship for women. I have also been able to use technology to connect with independent associations like TEDxGurugram in educating or sharing knowledge through volunteer work.

Technology is the only medium which will help us bring out our stories and make a movement which will help other women feel empowered enough to make a change.

6. What is your mantra of staying happy and positive?

Doing things that make you happy, listening to your heart and working your mind through positive affirmations. To be able to First Love Yourself is the mantra for a happy, positive and successful life and business.

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