Kolkata-based Kruthika Ramakrishnan, who is in her 20s, turned an entrepreneur with the most unusual product: good handwriting. Something that has been lost over time since the invention of keyboards.

Kruthika’s company, Wrilax (Portmanteau for Write to Relax), co-founded with her younger brother, Koustubh, uses her skills at calligraphy and graphology. They began the venture in 2016.

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Excerpts from an interview with SheThePeople.TV:

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What made you decide to use your handwriting skills to turn entrepreneur? 

I always had a beautiful handwriting. At school, it compensated for my inability to speak (Kruthika has been wearing a hearing aid since she was 5-years-old). Perhaps it’s because when my mother taught me to write, she would not allow me to proceed to the next letter until I’d perfected the one I’d been working on.

When I was in class IX, a teacher suggested that I learn calligraphy, but I didn’t take it seriously. However, in college, calligraphy classes were offered as part of our enrichment courses, and I enrolled for it. We had a wonderful teacher, and I proved to be a wonderful student.

Entrepreneur Kruthika Ramakrishnan
Kruthika and Koustubh

I took up graphology, the study of handwriting, only because I was curious about it.

Calligraphy and graphology are not related. But I wanted to combine these two subjects because, just like yoga, for me, these were a therapeutic tool to relax the mind and flex the body muscles.

Entrepreneur Kruthika Ramakrishnan’s product is so unique, people think she’s crazy. But handwriting, she insists, will save your sanity

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What’s your vision for Wrilax?

Our tagline ‘From e-life to easy life’ explains it all. The mental and psychological benefits of writing have been totally lost. We aim to bring them back as a corporate stress-buster. We also want to spread the beautiful art of calligraphy among schools and colleges, because it helps enhance concentration and patience. Handwriting defines the character of a person. So beautiful handwriting will make a person beautiful from within.

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What are your ambitions for Wrilax?

After the brand is fairly established, and after getting some degrees under our belt, we plan to go in for seeking funds from investors to bring up an innovative, high profile, high fashion and unique handwriting experience in India. This we hope to achieve within the next two years by setting up Wrilax Studios.

Our dream is to make Wrilax a household word. For instance, if someone asks, “Did you wrilax today?” it means, “Did you write something today to relax your body, mind and soul?”

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What market gap are you trying to address with Wrilax ?

Handwriting is a scientifically proven method of relaxation, but India is still unaware of this. Continuous use of computers and smartphones can harm us, and other countries are waking up to the fact. Wrilax aims at addressing the issue even before it sets in because prevention is better than cure.

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How are you managing funds now?

At present, we are using our own funds. At this juncture, the biggest necessary investments are our time and efforts.

What challenges do you face?

It is not easy to establish a brand and we are very much in the learning phase. Since it is a one of a kind venture, we have no one from whom we can lift ideas. And no one from whom we can take advice because the idea is so unique that people think we are crazy.

Entrepreneur Kruthika Ramakrishnan

Is the digital platform helping your venture grow?

It is ironical: our job is to tell people to stay away from the digital world for at least a few minutes every day and write to stay healthy, but without the digital platform, we wouldn’t be able to bring our idea to light.

So when we organise our workshops, we inform people that we are not against the digital medium. We just want them to take a digital break for 15 minutes a day to write something by hand.

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