Korean Women Mobbed And Harassed On Camera In Meerut

Korean Women Harassed In Meerut
The right-wing workers harassed the two young Korean women from Delhi over their religious identities. The Korean women were visiting Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to meet a friend. Both visited Chaudhary Charan Singh University where their friend is a student.

The video of men harassing these women surfaced on social media. The women in the video are seen trying to get away from a few men who question them about their intentions to visit the college. 

Korean Women Harassed In Meerut

The video also shows glimpses of women walking away and a group of men behind them. In the video, one can see them say, ‘Ishwar bus ram hai, aur koi ishwar nahi hai (There is only one God who is Ram and no other).” They also labelled women as “Christians missionaries.” Someone among them said, “Yeh yahan Christians missionaries hain jo idhar aana cha rahe hai (They are Christians missionaries who want to come here).”

Later the complaint was filed, and the Meerut police released a statement on the issue. The police officials added, “The video is shown in such a way as if the concerned lady in the video is propagating a religion. This is however not true and is based on false assumptions.” Police also said, “Both women came to take a tour of the college, few boys asked them about their religion. They were wrongly framed in the entire incident. Nothing of this sort has happened.”

The fact checker channel Alt news founder too denied the claim of women propagating any sort of religion. He tweeted, “Korean Students studying in Delhi had visited Chaudhary Charan Singh University, UP. Here’s how they were welcomed by the Right Wing goons. A guy can be heard saying “Ye Christian Missionaries hai, Jo yaha ana chah rahe hai”, Police denied the conversation claim.”

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