Celebrating Children’s Book Reading Week

Children’s Book Reading Week

The greatest magic a child can experience is not in a magic show, not in a theatre, not on an iPad, but in a rather old-fashioned way –through a book. Reading is perhaps the easiest way we can travel into the distant past, and peer into the future, without leaving the comfort of our home. And for a child, the benefits of reading go far far beyond the building of vocabulary and grammar, reading develops imagination, empathy, builds curiosity, imparts moral lessons, and so much more.

The greatest imagination and curiosity gets nurtured and developed through books. For the next week, leading up to and post Children’s Day, we celebrate books and reading with children, parents, children’s authors and publishers, and every single person who loves to read, because the books we read in our childhood are always part of our fondest memories.

The Children’s Book Reading Week on SheThePeople.TV will run across the site, with book extracts from children’s books, articles, book reviews, listicles, guest posts and more.

The week is curated by our fab guest curators, Riti Prasad, Author and Blogger and Preeti Vyas, publisher at Fun OK Please, who have put together a fabulous smorgasbord for readers, young and the young at heart. Riti Prasad works for an MNC, has written three books and was part of three published anthologies. Her latest book, Double Trouble Double Fun is a parenting guide to raising twins AND being a full-time working mom. Preeti Vyas is the founder of Fun Ok Please, which publishes lovely books with contemporary Indian content for Indian children between the ages of 3-10 years.

We also have wonderful book giveaways from Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Fun Ok Please and Harper Collins for our young readers, through Twitter and FB contests, story chains with authors, twitter chats and Instagram takeovers. So fasten your seat belts and hop on board, this is going to be a fun ride all of the coming week.

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