Kiran Bedi's 6Ps plan to check crime against women

Former IPS officer and current Lt Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi has proposed a 6Ps plan to combat crimes against women.

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Even as there is no let up in the crimes against women, former Cop and current Lt Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi has come up with her own unique suggestion to curb the menace. Her concept is a 6Ps plan, which she presented in the presence of welfare minister M Kandasamy at Raj Nivas on Saturday.


So what does the idea of the 6P actually mean? It involves  six important stakeholders - parents or principals, police, prosecution or courts, politicians, prisons and press, all of whom need to contribute to the cause of prevention of crime against women and children.

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"6Ps means crime prevention plan within police, within people because community has a very major role to play. So the people, the police, the prosecution; then comes the role of the politician, the prisons and the media, which is the press and press also includes the films, and then comes the jail. So it is the 6Ps and a J," Bedi said, reported by Firstpost.

Plans are afoot to designate a few more reviews, but Bedi's initiative got tremendous support from the council of ministers as Kandasamy said that they are ready to offer their utmost cooperation to her in execution of her idea. "The council of ministers and elected representatives will join Lt Governor in all her endeavours to make Puducherry prosperous," Kandasamy explained.

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Also present at the meeting were the chairperson of women's commission, officers of women and child welfare department and representatives of the 92 NGOs working for women welfare to assist in preparation of charge sheets. The meeting where Bedi proposed her plan had been convened to release a database of organizations which have special emphasis on women empowerment or women issues and which have registered themselves with the Puducherry state resource centre for women.


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