Dance Instructor Featured On Dance Moms Accused Of Sexual Abuse

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Dance Moms: A dance teacher named Kevin Cosculluela who appeared on television show Dance Moms is accused of sexually abusing underage girls at Orlando dance studio.

The 25-year-old had pleaded not guilty after his arrest in December. He was charged with solicitation of a minor, sexual activity with underage girls, using lewd conduct and illegal communication device use, according to reports. He was then fired from Peaces Dance and Music Orlando.

An investigation run by Winter Garden police and Orange County Sheriff’s deputies brought forward teenage girls who accused Kevin of sexual battery and manipulation. According to police Cosculluela used to take his students to lunch and movies and also celebrated their birthdays.

He was reportedly connected to his pupils via social media. The report said that Cosculluela some of his students for their nude pictures and videos of them twerking. One girl told the police that Cosculluela would get angry if one refused to do what he asked. He would also threaten to stop teaching the girls if they didn’t give them what he demanded.

He forced a girl to perform sex with him and later told her to “delete this memory and don’t tell anyone.” He is accused of doing the same with several girls in his class. Detective Bethany Rising wrote in his arrest warrant, “They put him on a pedestal, so they were willing to take whatever he did so they could keep him in their lives.”

The next hearing for Kevin Cosculluela’s case is scheduled for May 5, 2021