Kerala Woman Who Went Missing 11 Years Ago, Found Living ‘Secretly’ At Neighbour’s Home

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Kerala woman went missing for 11 years until she was found living secretly at her next door neighbour’s home, all this time.

Sajitha, was 18 at the time when she went missing from her home in a village in Kerala‘s Palakkad district, in February 2010. She was eventually traced to her alleged boyfriend, Alinchuvattil Rahman’s residence, where she was living inside a tiny room, for an entire decade. At the time she left her home she didn’t own a mobile phone. Sajitha and Rahman reportedly kept their relationship under wrap because they anticipated backlash as they came from different religions.

Kerala woman went missing in February 2010

Sajitha’s family had filed a complaint at the police station when she didn’t return home, but she was never found. Gradually, her family gave up all hopes of finding her again, and thought that she must have died.

She was found just 500 meters away from where her parents live. Also, her boyfriend’s parents alleged that they were completely unaware of her presence in their own home.

Nenmara Police Station House Officer Deepa Kumar A said, “Nobody knew about their affair. In any elopement, both persons go missing.”

The woman would never have been discovered, if Rahman didn’t go missing three months ago. His family then filed a missing person’s complaint, and then on Tuesday, Rahman’s older brother, Basheer, spotted him by chance. He found the couple living on rent in another village.

Basheer then revealed that his brother who works as a painter, had a separate room to himself, and would never let anyone inside.

The police then produced the couple before the court, which in turn allowed them to live together. This was after Sajitha said that she wanted to live with Rahman.

“Their story sounds unusual, but we took the couple to Rahman’s house and they told us how Sajitha had lived secretly in a single room for all these years,” said police officer Deepa Kumar. She then added that the couple wanted to keep their relationship a secret, as they belong to different religions.