Kerala Govt To Fund Transgender People’s Sex Change Surgery

Kerala govt fund Transgender Sex change

An amount of Rs 2 lakh will be reimbursed to those transgender persons who wish to have sex change surgery, the Kerala government has announced.

In order to bring the transgender community to the mainstream, the government has decided to foot the bill of their genital reconstruction surgery. An amount up to Rs 2 lakh will be reimbursed as hospital expenses for each transgender person undergoing sex change. That’s not all, those who have already done the surgery will also be supported.

“Money will not stand in the way for a transgender person who desires to live as a man or a woman,” said chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan while announcing the decision in his Facebook post on August 4. “The government which has ensured the rights of education and employment of transgender community will now bear the cost of sex change surgery too,” Vijayan said, TOI reported.

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Seed Of Activism

The state government’s decision will go a long way in providing basic facilities to the community, catering to thousands of transgender people in the state.

Earlier in June, an exclusive continuing education program for the community was designed by the state literacy mission that could only safeguard their future. As the transgender group struggles to fit into society, at shelter homes, they will avail basic facilities till the completion of the course.

Year 2017 has seen many transforming ideas in India involving transgender people. The Kochi government opened doors for them in Metro railway and IGNOU is providing them free education. Also, in a new avenue opening up for transgender people to showcase their talents, Kerala hosted the first ever beauty pageant for the community.

Going by its policies, Kerala has proved to be very transgender people-friendly. It was the first state to introduce the Transgender [People] Policy to ensure that the community does not face any discrimination. Then the government had planned a statewide education program for transgender people and launched a 10-day survey to estimate the amount of transgender people in the state.

A sports meet for transgender persons was recently held at the Central Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram. At the event, more than 130 participants from different parts of the state showed up and took part in four events, including sprint, relay, long jump and shot putt.

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