Kerala Students Come Together To Help Underprivileged Kids Take Online Classes

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Kerala Students Crowdfunding: One of the most pressing issues during the pandemic has been the disrupted education system of the country. Since the onset of the first wave of COVID-19, schools have mostly been running on online mode.

While children who have the privilege of internet connection and can electronic gadgets are missing out on the physical model of classroom education, many in the country don’t even have access to virtual classes. In many parts of India, internet connection is still out of reach or not adequate enough to attend classes.

To help some underprivileged kids overcome this hurdle, five students of class 12th from Kerala’s Pallikoodam School, Kottayam joined hands. The students named Niranjan Menon, Nihal Mathew, Vinayak Dinesh, Kurien Kalarickel and Kurien George Kalarickal have set up a crowdfunding page and are collecting funds to buy tablets for the kids.

With the help of the gadget, many students will be able to access online education. The twelfth graders started their campaign on June 12 this year and have raised about four lakh rupees so far. Pallikoodam School released their statement on the same said, “The students launched an online crowdfunding campaign on June 12 and they raised over Rs 4 lakh. Using the money, they bought and donated 40 tablets to students of two government-run schools in Kanam and Kumarakom in the district.”

The pandemic has caused a serious setback in terms of education. Whether school or collage, many students are struggling to continue the learning process in the technologically unequal state of the country.

Recently a video of a flower girl in Bengaluru went viral. The 15-year-old girl named Banashankari was seen selling flowers outside a temple and taking classes on her phone. Her story moved many and an official from Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) reached out to and provided her with a laptop.

Many students like Banashakari in India are in need of such support.

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