Kerala Man, Who Abused His Partner, Accused By Another Woman

Another woman has now filed a complaint against Martin Joseph, who has been accused of rape and physical assualt.

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Martin Joseph Kochi rape and torture
Kochi rape and torture case: Martin Joseph, a 33-year-old is accused by two women of sexual assault.

The complaint was filed by a woman, a 27-year-old woman said that she underwent torture, and sexual assault at the hands of Joseph, her partner. She had been confined in a flat in Kochi for many days. The first woman then filed a police complaint against him on April 8.

In her complaint, the first woman who is from Kannur said that she had been living with Joseph since last year, in a flat in Kochi. After she left him, he allegedly threatened to leak her private photos. When she came back to him, he confined her in the flat and started torturing her. He would make her drink toilet water, urine, pour chilli water in her eyes and pour hot water on her bruises, according to police. These events happened between February 15 to March 8.

Kochi rape and torture case: Martin Joseph absconding

She somehow managed to escape from the flat on March 8 and carried a knife with her. She then mustered up the courage to file a police complaint against Martin Joseph with the Kochi police on April 8.

Martin Joseph has been absconding for many days and has not yet been nabbed by the police. However, three of his accomplices, who helped him abscond, have been arrested and charged with abetment.

“They are booked under charges of harbouring an offender. All of them are his friends and they helped him to go out of Kochi and arranged the hiding place. We suspect they have a criminal background, but we are yet to confirm this,” said the Commissioner.

As for the new complaint, Kochi Police Commissioner, Nagaraju CH said that more details are being sought on the complaint, but added that it alleges physical assault.

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