Kerala Horror : Woman Abandons Newborn For Facebook Lover

A Kerala woman abandoned newborn for FB lover to fulfil the condition to live with him. Later, it was found the account was handled by relatives

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In order to fulfil the condition to live with her Facebook lover, a Kerala woman abandoned newborn at a rubber factory. The police hunt for the owner of the Facebook account ended Saturday.

A Kerala woman named Reshma has been arrested for allegedly leaving her baby at a rubber plantation at Kalluvathukkal village in Kollam district. The baby passed away after being taken to the hospital. The woman left her baby so she could live with her Facebook lover.

When the police probed into the Facebook account, it was found that the account was handled by the woman's relatives who were reportedly playing a prank on her. The two women relatives of Reshma allegedly committed suicide due to the fear of getting caught.

The police took several blood samples of women living in the area to conduct a DNA test and found out who the mother of the newborn is. They zeroed down to Reshma after the test results and arrested her on June 22.

ACP Y Nizamudheen, who led the probe said in his statement, as reported by Indian Express, "She had not revealed to her husband or other family members that she was carrying." The Kerala woman's husband for staying in Gulf for the past four months and returned after hearing about the arrest.

After investigation, the police suspected that Reshma was using a SIM card bought by Arya, her 23-year-old cousin, to contact her Facebook friend.

After Reshma was summoned to the police station and arrested, Arya and her close friend Greeshma, the 22-year-old daughter of Reshma’s sister-in-law, went missing.

After a police search for the duo, their bodies were found at the waterbody in the locality where they lived. The police found out the reason for the suicide from Greeshma's lover. ACP Y Nizamudheen said that Greeshma's lover gave a statement revealing that the two close friends were pranking Reshma and when the matters went out of hand after the police being involved in the matter, Arya had confessed to her mother-in-law the story about Reshma’s Facebook lover. After Arya's mother-in-law left for work, the two jumped in the river, according to reports.