Kerala HC Allows Teen Who Was Impregnated By Brother To Abort Pregnancy At 7 Months

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The Kerala High Court on Friday permitted a 15-year-old girl to medically terminate her 7-month pregnancy after she was impregnated by her brother.

Justice Ziyad Rahman AA took into consideration the medical reports submitted by the medical board and noted the numerous medical and social challenges that would arise if the pregnancy was not allowed to be terminated and the child was born.

Kerala HC Allows Teen To Abort

The court was hearing a petition filed by the minor girl’s father seeking an order to medically terminate the pregnancy.

The medical board stated that if the pregnancy was continued, it would likely cause grave injury to the mental and social health of the girl. It was further noted that her physical health would also be affected by the complications arising from teenage pregnancy. Considering all the factors, the medical board submitted a report to the Kerala High Court highlighting that that minor girl was physically and mentally fit for medical termination of pregnancy.

The court directed the district medical officer and the superintendent of the Government Medical College Hospital to immediately take steps to terminate the girl’s pregnancy without any further delay.

Delhi HC Orders To Conceal Minor’s Identity

Earlier in May, the Delhi High Court granted permission to a minor girl to terminate her pregnancy. The 14-year-old girl was 11 weeks pregnant and was directed to approach the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital to medically terminate her pregnancy. The girl had gotten pregnant in a consensual relationship and was not willing to continue her pregnancy. The petition was filed by the minor girl’s mother on her behalf.

Justice Prathiba Singh also ordered that the minor girl’s identity, the identity of her family, or their contact details should not be disclosed in the hospital medical report or the police reports.

Delhi HC Permits Teen Abortion

In March 2023, the Delhi High Court permitted a 16-year-old sexual assault survivor to medically terminate her pregnancy. The girl’s father, who had previously agreed to sign the consent form, failed to show up. The girl was a few weeks away from completing 24 weeks of pregnancy. However, considering the best interest of the minor girl, Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma noted that the court is duty-bound to allow the girl to medically terminate her pregnancy.

The court appointed the superintendent of Normal Chhayya Complex, where the girl had been residing since October 2022, as the guardian to sign the consent form and granted permission to go ahead with the termination of the pregnancy.

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