Kerala Government To Launch Housing Scheme For Transgenders

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Punjab first transgender member Lok Adalat

Transgender people will soon be able to have a house of their own in Kerala, as the state government is introducing a housing scheme for them. The scheme, which will be implemented with the help of local bodies and NGOs, aims at de-stigmatising the community and helping the financially weak among the transgender community.


The Social Justice Department(SJD) of Kerala has taken the onus of supervising the implementation of the project.  A recent study undertaken by the SJD revealed that a majority of transgender people still live on the streets due to lack of shelter. Even their families disown them. Besides elevating their status in the society, the scheme also aims at providing a dignified livelihood for them.

The government is considering two types of housing schemes for the transgender people, short-term shelter homes and exclusive housing colony.

According to the 2011 census, there are 3902 transgender people in the state out of which 295 are children. The literacy rate is 84.61%.

  • The government has also planned a state-wide education program for the transgender community.
  • The Kochi metro that kicked off in May became first of its kind by employing transgender people in different departments.
  • Kerala is the only state to house the first transgender residential school.
  • It is the first state in India to draft out a transgender policy so that the members of this community can have equal rights in society.

Such progressive steps in the direction of creating an egalitarian society will definitely prove successful in rooting out gender-based distinctions.

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