Kerala : Bhagyalakshmi, Diya Sana take on Youtuber for making video against them

Social media are erupted with concerns on both sides. Some are asking if the women should have assaulted, while others are saying what options do women have when men put out derogatory comments on them and no one comes to question such Youtubers.

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Women in Kerala - Malayalam dubbing artiste Bhagyalakshmi, Big Boss contestants Sreelakshmi Arackal and trans activist Diya Sana - took on a man who allegedly put out a derogatory video on feminists in Kerala. This video has since gone viral and shows the women slapping the man in question and putting black ink on him. The man allegedly put out a video titled "Why do feminists in India, especially Kerala, not wear underwear?"


The women landed up in his house in Thiruvananthapuram to question him for putting out a video and then slapped him for doing so. The group of women led by Bhagyalakshmi reportedly barged into the room of Vijay P Nair in Thiruvananthapuram and attacked him while going live on Facebook with the same. The women forced Nair to apologise to them as per the video.

As per one report, Bhagyalakshmi and others also took away the laptop and other gadgets used by Nair for uploading the content. And when they took it to the police they didn't accept it.

Bhagyalaksmi, Kerala Viral VideoSince the incident there have been reports that a case will be filed against Bhagyalakshmi however she had said, "I will go to jail proudly if arrested for assaulting Vijay Nair."

Journalist MK Nidheesh tweeted, "Three women in Kerala are done with being polite. Ystdy, they barged into a lodge from where a man was posting vids like "do feminists wear underwear"& punched him." He added, that the women had filed official complaints before.

As per a news report in Kerala Kumudi, the women were provoked by a video posted by Nair on his YouTube channel questioning feminism and putting derogatory comments against women.

This man, Nair has YouTube channel 'vitrix scene' for 'educational' purposes and claims to be doing videos on stock markets and other informative subjects.

More On The Video

The video, now widely circulated in Kerala media shows the man finally apologising for his act. The women asked Nair to delete the videos he allegedly put against them on his YouTube channel. As the Facebook video showing the man being trashed went viral, social media was split on whether a revenge led assault was a an appropriate idea or not.

Meanwhile Veteran director Alleppey Ashraf, came out to support Bhagyalakshmi and other women in this video. His Facebook post when translated starts with the line, "A word to our cultural leaders, you will only respond when a girl will commit suicide due to burden of humiliation." He however added in the same post that he didn't agree with all the actions of Bhagyalakshmi and her 'gang' but ' the courage shown by this actress cannot be ignored."

As per Manorama News, Nair said he had already apologised to the women and he did not have any complaint about the incident.

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