Kate Middleton Dons Ukrainian Flag Colours And Shows Solidarity To Refugee Families

Kate Middleton Visits Ukrainian Refugees
The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton recently visited the Ukrainian Community Centre in the United Kingdom to meet the refugees who have come from war-torn Ukraine to take shelter in England.

The Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge Kate Middleton spent time with the displaced families and wore a dress carrying colours that represent the Ukrainian flag, as a mark of respect and solidarity.

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Kate Middleton visits Ukrainian refugees

The Duchess, who is a mother of three, was seen spending quality time with the children of Ukrainian families at the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre. The Centre has been working effortlessly to shield war-torn and displaced families and provide them with care and opportunities to begin their lives differently.

40-year-old Middleton, who sported a pleated shirt dress, wore it to stand in solidarity with the families in her own way. The dress is designed by designer L.K. Bennett. The blue and yellow shades appear to be a representation of the colours of the flag of Ukraine.

The official social media handle of the Prince and Princess of Wales shared the latest updates about Middleton’s recent visit to the centre. “The Reading Ukrainian Community Centre is unstoppable, inspirational, and it is changing lives. The Centre is providing practical advice around employment opportunities, housing and education for children and laying emphasis on building social connections at the forefront,” shared the Twitter handle alongside videos of Kate Middleton interacting with the families.

Middleton was welcomed in a heartwarming style symboling the East European tradition. Middleton sat with the families, largely interacted and played with the kids and talked about various benefits that the families can look forward to in building and putting their lives together. The Princess also took some photos with the children and greeted them in their style.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton have shown relentless support to the Ukrainian refugees who have been residing in England ever since the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. While the Riyal couple has usually refrained from making political statements publicly, they had taken to their social media back in 2020 to express their support for Ukraine openly.

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