Will Royal Family Unite Amid King's Illness? What Prince Harry Said

King Charles III, who recently underwent surgery for enlarged prostates, has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Duchess Sarah Ferguson was also diagnosed with melanoma and Kate Middleton also underwent an abdominal surgery.

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King Charles III has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, the Buckingham Palace announced on February 5. The monarch was recovering from a surgery he underwent for enlarged prostates. The diagnosis was earlier ruled as benign, however, the royal family spokesperson has now announced that the King has been diagnosed with cancer. The royal family's statement did not disclose the type of malignancies. "The King is grateful to his medical team for their swift intervention, which was made possible thanks to his hospital procedure," the statement posted to X (Twitter) read. 


Prince Harry, who has separated himself from the royal family, sees his father's diagnosis as a chance to revive their relationship. The Duke of Sussex told ABC News in a February 16 interview that he visited the King recently. "The fact that I was able to get on a plane and go to see him and spend any time with him, I'm grateful for that. I see it on a day-to-day basis, the strength of the family unit coming together," he said. Prince Harry had parted from the family since the King's coronation in May last year. "Any illness, any sickness, brings families together," he expressed.

Ill Health Grips Britain's Royal Family

A few weeks ahead of the King's surgery, he had announced his diagnosis of enlarged prostates, urging other men to get regularly checked and keep an eye out for symptoms. The recent statement reads, "The Majesty has chosen to disclose his diagnosis to prevent speculation and in the hope it may public understanding for all those around the world affected by cancer." 


Not too long ago, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, announced that she was diagnosed with melanoma, a skin cancer. The former wife of Prince Andrew had undergone surgery for a breast tumour just six months prior. Her spokesperson told the media that she had the removal of a mole during her breast cancer treatment, which was later found malignant. 

While announcing her diagnosis, her spokesperson said, "She believes her experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma." The Duchess is keeping her followers posted through social media and her podcast, where she mentioned that she continues to be in good health.

Three weeks ago, Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery for an undisclosed diagnosis. The Princess of Wales had to postpone all her appointments as she had been hospitalised. Kensington Palace released a statement to the media detailing that the surgery was successful and Princess Kate is recovering well. However, the statement read, "Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter."

Reportedly, she was admitted to a hospital called The London Clinic, a posh private institution in Marylebone, London. The hospital has treated other members of the royal family for years, as well as several other celebrities and foreign leaders. Princess Kate is now recuperating at Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom house on the grounds of Windsor Castle, to which the couple moved in 2022, after having lived in a grand apartment in Kensington Palace

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